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Book Introduction


Let’s be real, getting a fulfilling job in S. Korea is a struggle, even more so in those troubled times.

While an intricate blend of historical, economic and cultural obstacles can explain the hustle of job seeking here, we believe that there is also an obvious lack of reliable resources to guide and support the community of foreign professionals living in this beautiful land.

That is the exact reason why we created Korea Professional in March 2020. To forge a sense of community and generate a valuable source of information, for job seekers, entrepreneurs, students or anybody aspiring to professional success.

We first built a job seeking platform, called, where we post fresh job offers in English, daily. Following the swift success of the platform, we committed to feed our audience with real life experience and expertise. We organized networking events where our community gets together and listen to HR experts and successful expats’ insights while sharing tips and drinks.

After nine months of extraordinary hard work, we decided that it was time to condensate all information, experience, expertise and resource into one single employment guide.

KP’s Employment Guide in Korea” is everything you need in order to boost your job seeking journey or your career shift. A selection of the companies most likely to recruit you in 2021, combined with insights from a rich panel of successful foreign professionals and myriads of online resources.

Through this guide you will find two main sections:

  • Testimonies, advises, tips and tricks… on how to nail a job in Korea from a selection of 30 experts, entrepreneurs, researchers and successful foreign employees.
  • The top companies most likely to recruit foreigner professionals in Korea in 2020. Including key info on each of them such as direct mail address to HR Team.
  • Plus dozens of other resources.

This book also attempts to cover a great variety of other topics, revolving around job seeking, with rich contents on visas, corporate culture, legal matters, events, acceleration programs, Korean class… all information likely to turn the odds in your favor.

Brief, compact, and packed with insightful info, KP’s “Employment Guide in Korea” will give you all the keys you need to achieve professional success in Korea!

Good Luck!

Ebook Key Figures :

  • 109 Pages
  • 32 Contributors
  • 60 Company profiles
  • Myriads of Valuable Resources

Who are our contributors ?

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