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Are you looking for your dream job in Korea?
Or more customers for your business?

At Korea Professional we screen and analyse the entire Korean job market for you and deliver all company’s information you need to achieve your career ambitions.

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KP’s shares valuable information about local and global companies in Korea to its community of professionals, to generate business & develop careers.

Job Opportunity Tracker

Job Offers in English within easy reach! 

KP’s platform guides you to a multitude of job offers published online in English, from both foreign and local companies.

We screen the Korean job market for you and we point you to where English-friendly job offers are without detour.

Plus, we’ll generate metrics about companies and industries most active in the recruitment area in Korea, updated every week.

Business Directory

Your Next Employer or Business Partner!

KP’s Business directory provides you with essential information about myriads of foreign companies operating on the Korean peninsula.

Those information include core business description, location, management’s info, recent recruitment activities and more.

Companies listed on Day One

Direct Contacts

Reach Out to The People That Matter!

KP’s platform also gives you privileged access to direct mail address of Human Resources or Management department within most companies listed in the business directory.

All information is verified and in compliance with data privacy protection regulations.

Start-up Screening Pack

Take your start-up to the next level.

We’ve been through the struggles of building a business in Korea and we know how challenging it can be.

We wish to provide startupers with straightforward tools to identify their prospects and uncover their competitors. We also plan on building up a wide range of services such as community support, legal advices and mentoring. Everything in English of course.

Professional Community

Learn, Share, Connect.

Despite Korea’s growing foreign community, we feel like there is no centralized place for foreigners to communicate on a professional level.

Whether you are a job seeker, business owner, freelancer, employee or still a student you’ll be most welcome to join the platform’s forum to learn, share and connect with your peers.

Also, we’d like to involve the community in the continuous development of the platform by conducting a weekly survey about content to add or features to implement for example.

Networking Events

English friendly networking events.

We believe that face-to-face meetings are still paramount in doing business.

We wish to organize regular networking events and make them a genuine opportunity for KP’s community to connect with local companies willing to work with English speaking professionals.

Team Introduction

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs of various nationalities and backgrounds gathered around the same observation; the Korean job market is very opaque to foreigners and starting a business here is a path full of pitfalls.

Each of us carries an extensive experience of the Korean job market, either as employee of a local company, business owner or as Korean government official.

We have decided to put together our skill sets to help all foreign professionals find the information, tools and support they need to achieve professional success in Korea.

How Does it Work?

  1. Find the companies you like through our search engine.
  2. Access their profile information.
  3. Get direct email of Mgnt or HR department.
  4. Check out which companies are recruiting and track their latest job offers!

Other sections will be specifically dedicated to start-ups, discussions and off-line events.

Register now to try KP Platform's test version!

Don’t worry your email is safe ♥ we hate spam as much as you do.

What’s Next?

Answers to Your Questions

How does KP Platform help me find a job?

We’d like to repeat that we are not a job board. What we do is screen and track job offers in Korea in English, provide you with data and point you in the right direction.

Thanks to KP Platform you’ll be able to find hundreds of companies to contact and myriads of jobs to apply to, everything in English.

How does KP Platform help me grow my business?

On KP Platform you can get key information about your foreign competitors or prospects. You can also learn, share and connect with your peers on our forum.

How often do you update the directory’s data?

We screen the internet and gather tons of data every day. We’ll update the platform with fresh info and analysis once a week.

I am a business owner, can I edit information about my company?

Sure, we’ll implement a “claim listing” option asap for startupers and business owners to introduce themselves to our users.

How is it better than similar platforms?

We simply believe that you’ll find no other platform like ours in Korea and that’s why we decided to put all our effort and energy on this project.

What content will be free?

Our primary purpose is and will remain helping out fellow expats. But developing, maintaining and updating the platform every day requires broad resources that only you can help us acquire.

What are your motivations?

We’ve been through the struggles to find a fulfilling job or start a business in Korea. We’ve felt discouraged and helpless, mostly because we couldn’t find any platform effectively focusing on carreer oportunities for foreigners in Korea.

In this context of sanitary and economic crisis, we’ve decided to act and start building something to finally help and serve the foreign community in Korea on a professional level.
KP Platform is being developed by users for users. 

I'd like to get involved, how can I contribute?

We’ll be super glad to have you on board. Shoot us an email explaining who you are and what you can do for the community.

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